I have been a private investor for a living for over 5 years now and have almost 3 decades of experience overall investing in stock markets.  Whilst I am based in Australia, I have spent almost 5 years on the ground in Vietnam cumulatively over the last decade. Please check further down on this page to learn more about my investing background.

I started this website to further investigate the best ways to gain exposure to the Vietnam stock market. Over the last decade, I have opportunistically gained exposure by seeking out closed end funds at deep discounts to NAV. In fact, a good place to start for readers of this blog is to read my article on the Vietnam market published at Seeking Alpha in early 2019 after a substantial correction in the market at that time. It offers a bit of background, history and overview of the Vietnam stock market in general. Here is the link:


Despite having success with this strategy I want to explore different options. For example, are there better opportunities investing directly and avoiding management fees? Will buying smaller stocks on cheaper multiples have more potential? With the world being such a crazy place in 2020 is it better to diversify in terms of the custody of your holdings, scatter them in different global jurisdictions?

In other words I have found my strategy to date a bit limited. On this site I plan to blog about how you go about investing in Vietnam, including in particular what options foreigners have. Expect over time to see blog topics here such as:

An overview of the Vietnam stock market.

Can a foreigner invest directly in the Vietnam stock market?

What stockbrokers to use in Vietnam?

Should I invest in a Vietnam ETF, Managed Fund or Closed-end fund?

What is the outlook and investment opportunities in Vietnam?

Which are the best stocks to buy in Vietnam?

Can I retire in Vietnam by owning and trading shares in the Vietnam stock market?

Please feel free to join me on my journey to discover more about the pros and cons of various investment options when it comes to the Vietnam stock market. You can do so by entering your email address in the subscribe area below. I don’t spam subscribers, expect perhaps one relevant update a week.

Thank you.


I have occasionally had articles published at renowned global stock market websites as below. (You can click on the image to view my profile there).

I have a blog about special situation investing in Australia since 2016 here:

Value Investing for a living – Focused on event driven, activist and deep value investing. Keen interest on closed end funds globally, more specifically Listed Investment Companies (LICs) on the ASX.

In 2021 I partnered with a successful investor in a private investment company that invests in Australian stocks:

Assurance Capital Pty Ltd – Strong investment performance since the 1990s. (assurancecapitalfund.com)

You can contact me at valueinvestingforaliving@gmail.com