Whilst this site is more focused on the Vietnam stock market, I figured readers might also be quite interested in other stock markets across Asia.

Here I have made a list that does have a bias to websites that are useful to follow for the Vietnam stock market. Given that this market is a little bit under the radar of many global investors, we are somewhat limited in websites to follow on this topic compared to what I expect to find years into the future.

For that reason, I will list 10.5 best Vietnam / Asian stock market websites to follow.

Let’s get straight to the list. You can scroll down further on the page where I shall describe a bit more in a few sentences what each is about.

  1. VinaCapital – YouTube
  2. IndochinaStock – Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar (vietstock.vn)
  3. Andreas Vogelsanger – CEO AFC Vietnam Fund – YouTube
  4. Asian Century Stocks
  5. Off-Piste Investing – For value-oriented investors interested in Asian markets (offpisteinvesting.com)
  6. GlobalStockPicking.com – There is always a bull market somewhere…
  7. About Us – Choivo Capital
  8. https://www.gloomboomdoom.com
  9. The LT3000 Blog
  10. Kalani Scarrott – YouTube

10.5 VIETNAM STOCK MARKET – Exploring how to best invest in the Vietnam stock market. (vietnamesestockmarket.com)

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List 10.5 best Vietnam / Asian stock market websites to follow 

VinaCapital – YouTube – Some great in-depth discussions about the latest movements in Vietnam stocks, valuations whether it be market, sector or company specific, and economic factors affecting the stock market. VinaCapital is a big player in funds management in Vietnam, with over 15 years’ experience across a range of asset classes.

IndochinaStock – Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar (vietstock.vn) – On a daily basis here you can check latest movements in the Vietnam stock indices, all the stock market news and general business related news for Vietnam.

Andreas Vogelsanger – CEO AFC Vietnam Fund – YouTube – Andreas is the CEO at Asia Frontier Capital, which invests in high growth Asian frontier markets, including Vietnam. On this channel he provides many useful market update videos which include the fund’s performance. This fund has been focused on the smaller – medium sized company opportunities and this has resulted in some very good performance.

Asian Century Stocks – This is a relatively new substack from Michael Fritzell. You can access plenty of interesting information he gives out for free about Asian stock markets. I was doing that myself and I even took my subscription to his paid service which includes many “deep-dive” research pieces on individual stocks in Asia. I found these quite interesting and the sort of stocks and research I look for, so plan on continuing with his paid service.

Off-Piste Investing – For value-oriented investors interested in Asian markets (offpisteinvesting.com) – This blog has consistently for many years provided a good wrap up on a weekly basis collating many great articles across the net on Asian stock markets. I have certainly appreciated it over the years.

GlobalStockPicking.com – There is always a bull market somewhere… – This investor’s blog has been extremely transparent over a long time how they are managing their own money. As the title suggests, they have been willing to spot opportunities all across the globe. However the author moved to Asia and partially as a result often has a focus on stocks in HK / China.

About Us – Choivo Capital – This is a more recent blog in terms of me coming across it. It triggered my interest because of a recent write up on Nagacorp (3918:HK). For those that are unaware although this is listed in HK it is a casino in Cambodia. I have held this stock a while back and it is now very much on my radar as a potential buy idea. The writer to me showed they were a lot more knowledgeable than I am on the company, and I was a shareholder for about 5 years at one stage. This website also interested me because of a lot of prior postings mainly focused on stocks on the Malaysian stock market. Often I find a lot of companies there look like deep value, am personally just trying to learn a way to navigate  any potential “value traps” there.

https://www.gloomboomdoom.com – Most investors are probably familiar with Marc Faber. Normally the reaction is “perma-bear”. The angle I come from here is that bullish ideas coming from a so called perma bear I find interesting. Despite this reputation Marc Faber has consistently said he has no more than 25% in cash and bonds, and a large chunk of that has been in more higher yielding E.M. bonds. I subscribe to his monthly newsletter, which has stopped being free quite a few years back. However fees from this newsletter had contributed greatly to charity. He is globally focused but lives in Thailand so has a good understanding of the market there. He also has invested in stocks and property in Vietnam for a very long time. If the newsletter isn’t of interest it is easy to search for his regular interviews on YouTube he still does with a range of channels there.

The LT3000 Blog – Lyall is another in the category of usually writing very much from a global perspective but he is based in Asia. He may not put up regular blog posts however when he does write, it is extremely in-depth and great to read. He is not afraid to take a contrarian view on a topic. These days you have to admire that because it is so easy to cause offence these days! His bullish equity market views on twitter almost to the week global markets hit their lows in March 2020 remain in my mind. Have to give him some credit there, maybe at the margin it helped me do a tad more buying at the time who knows.

Kalani Scarrott – YouTube – This podcast may only have about 10 episodes as I am putting it on this list but I certainly wanted to include it because I think I have listed to nearly every episode. I look forward to see where this heads in the future. If you are interested in business in Asia and stock markets / investing there I am sure you will be impressed by the guests he has had on. Importantly he does a good job interviewing also.

VIETNAM STOCK MARKET – Exploring how to best invest in the Vietnam stock market. (vietnamesestockmarket.com) – Well this blog makes up the 10.5 figure a bit tongue in cheek here. I have only had a few months or so putting up content but this can hopefully make me persist into the future. Am not claiming to be an expert on the Vietnam stock market but hoping the material can be useful for beginner and experienced investors. I can always hope to become more knowledgeable on Vietnamese stocks as time goes by.

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I came across this site a bit later in 2022, and because it had such a large depth of resources for emerging market investors felt it warrants it to be included here. You can specifically search under Asia and Vietnam if that is all you are interested in, there are a heap of useful links there. Yet the site is devoted to emerging markets all across the world. Check it out and also their substack newsletter which you will find on the menu of their site to subscribe.

That brings me to thank Feedspot who recently put this blog at no.10 on their list of the top 30 Vietnam blogs. If you follow the Vietnam stock market it might also be a good idea to follow this list as it covers a wide range of topics relating to Vietnam. It is easy as stock market investors to get in the habit of reading the same old stuff other investors read. Perhaps following some new sources of information and ideas can offer a unique perspective. Here is Feedspot’s list of top Vietnam blogs.


Top 30 Vietnam Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021 (feedspot.com)

As usual thoughts welcome! Would love to hear in the comments section of other good Vietnam / Asian stocks related websites that I have missed, am sure there would be many.

Is Vietnam a good investment?

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